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All The Things You Are - Joe Pass Style (Sheet music + TAB)

All The Things You Are - Joe Pass Style


I am sharing the sheet music (and tabs) of my solo guitar arrangement of the well-known Jazz Standard All the Things You Are, based on the chord melody style of the great Joe Pass. Making this arrangement took me about three weeks and I have enjoyed and learned a lot during the process.

The first thing I did was to practice the melody in different positions over the fretboard and the harmony using different kinds of chords and voicings. Later on, I added a simple walking bass line and some chords to the melody.

To develop this first sketch, I listened to Joe Pass's own version and try​​ to "steal" some of his ideas in order to use them in my arrangement. I had previously played other Joe's versions such as Wine and Roses, Misty and Have You Met Miss Jones, so I already had some knowledge of his style and his usual resources: licks, scales, arpeggios, triads, Drop 2 and Drop 3 chords, dominant chords, etc.

In my arrangement, I expose three choruses of the original ATTYA and organize them into twelve different parts, named from A to L, plus a long cadence on the turn around (called M) as a coda, in which I use some typical classical guitar right-hand arpeggios. Although I rely almost entirely on Joe Pass's ideas, I also include some licks and ideas from other guitarists like Wes Montgomery, George Benson and Lenny Breau. To give a personal touch to my arrangement, I included a bit of counterpoint in section D, trying to bring out a classical air -baroque, if you will- to the piece.

If you like my ATTYA version, please share it on social networks and subscribe to my newsletter to keep you updated with my lessons and further arrangements. I will also be happy to receive any comments and questions.

I hope you to enjoy playing it. Good luck with practice!



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